And cohutta still dating

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Her father, real estate developer Stan Maples, might wish his own profile was a little lower.With a listed phone number, he already is tired of calls from the press and has no interest in talking about Trump, he said Friday.

"But I don't want to have anything to do with it. “Marla,” he asked with genuine wonder, “how do you want me to handle the photographers and the autograph kids?The autographing scene was interrupted briefly by a woman from the USA cable-TV network, asking for a live interview between sets.Graff is one of Donald Trump’s two executive secretaries.She had gotten used to Marla calling the office with her special code name, but now the constant waving to people in the rows above and the paparazzi changing film in the Paine Webber box just below were giving Graff an anxiety attack.

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“Marla, you really don’t have to do these things, you know.

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