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Some advice might naturally look like guidance to but they may, in fact, will harm the relationship.To help you avoid those mistakes, these are the three places that you shouldn’t look for relationship advice: Your parents have helped you get through infancy, toddlerhood, and adulthood.Most people assume that relationships happen naturally.If you’ve met your soulmate or found the right person, then your relationship will proceed smoothly.You tried to push them back during adolescence but you still were there for them, and they did everything they can to keep you from doing long-term damage.So, it’s natural you’ll look to them for relationship and marriage advice.Plus, a little advice for new relationships will work wonders too. How do you maintain a long distance relationship and move it toward a common goal without falling apart?

You need to be able to define if your dates value systems and beliefs are in congruency.This is a common rule that applies to everything in life. If you truly love each other, the relationship will work.If you want to succeed, you need to know how to fail too. Of course, you also have to push for it and lead it in the right direction.She was funny, smart, beautiful, just like you thought and you two simply had a great time.Sure, if done right, the first date is almost always fun ... You haven’t stopped feeling those butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait to meet again.

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