Black eyed peas dating

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But as we gathered evidence, we scratched our heads in wonder鈥? Martha: If the girl in this picture was wearing as much makeup as Michael Jackson does, she would look exactly like Jon-Benet. Jen: Possibly the last photo ever taken of Fergie where both her midriff and armpits are covered at the same time. Amy: That shawl was totally a table runner from the home furnishings department of Urban Outfitters, and it was a bad idea there, too. TELL ME WHERE THE LOVE IS OR I WILL MESS YOU BITCHES UP! then thumb her nose at the royal family, get her feet kissed by a Texan billionaire on a yacht in the South of France, and lose enough weight to confidently strip down to nothing but a pair of Jimmy Choos to raise money for AIDS awareness and look good. Amy: This picture finally provides a clue as to how in sam hill this woman managed to allegedly get maybe sort-of engaged to Josh Duhamel. Martha: That time, Fergie had the foresight to put on a Depend Easyfit Undergarment before going onstage. Jen: The only thing missing from this picture is the thought bubble that says, 鈥淓at me.鈥? Jen: I particularly like the desperation in his eyes. " Martha: That bitch stole the beaded macrame plantholder that I made for my mother back in 6th grade, and she's wearing it around her neck. Martha: Or maybe the plaid wool pants are just a little itchy? Posted by: sar | Aug 19, 2005 AM I'm betting she gets her hair frosted at the same place where Carmen Electra does, cause they are the only 2 still doing it. She is totally going to look like Joan-frickin'-Rivers in a couple of years Posted by: Kristen | Aug 19, 2005 PM Oh! Punched so hard in the eye for being annoying that she pissed herself.

"So for all the men out there, all you gotta do is tell ‘em they're hot and they'll be yours forever," he joked. Regardless, the short introduction clearly worked in his favor.

The Hollywood couple has been going strong for over five years now, and even added a bundle of joy to the family, Axl Jack. News that he and Fergie continue their two-week rule (where they don't go more than two weeks without seeing each other while on location for work), but even that's too long for them to go apart nowadays."She's here with me now. We've got a house and the whole thing," the actor, who is currently in Austin shooting his new film The 41-year-old, who is also a strong advocate for pet adoption, admits that getting a dog was a great way to prepare for kids."It was interesting for me because when I first got mine, I was terrified for that reason—the responsibility of taking care of it.

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Josh Duhamel is a man of many words, but it only took two to snag his gorgeous wife Fergie."That's unforunately true," the handsome Hollywood star told E!

Granted, Fergie鈥檚 outfits are generally so horrific that rumor has it that Heather and Jessica have considered renaming their site To answer this question, we started at the beginning of her career.

Amy: So somewhere along the line Fergie did a reverse Michael Jackson thing? " while facing the OTHER DIRECTION because she is so crazy like dat. Martha: You know what's cropped out of this picture? That's the only way to possibly explan her posture. Jen: Yes, but only those who emit a creepy Jon-Benet vibe. Jen: After years of struggling with the loss of her parents, Pippi Longstocking found comfort in a vial of crack. Here鈥檚 sweet little Fergie, nee Stacy Ferguson, from her Kids, Incorporated days. We wondered, were we even allowed to snark on a kid?Thus the reason they are viewed as good luck in the South.My family is from SW Louisiana and we eat black eyes peas with rice on New Year's for good luck, actually I eat it year round but certainly New Year's don't know why but as tasty as it is who cares.

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