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Cam 2 no register

To avoid detection - register your vehicle and have compulsory third party insurance.Number plates must be returned when not allocated to a vehicle or the vehicle is not registered, including cancelling a vehicle registration.

I used to have an arsenal of composite/svideo of cat5 cameras 'back in the day' with decent sony 1/3" CCDs that could see pretty good in low light. Anyone successfully using a DVR rig or something along that line?

All road traffic cameras can detect unregistered and uninsured vehicles on South Australian roads, this is in addition to police traffic enforcement.

If an unregistered and uninsured vehicle is detected by a traffic camera more than once, there's an allowance of seven days from the first camera detection before a fine would be issued – so the owner can be notified by mail about the offence.

This makes sure false number plates are not used on a vehicle.

Penalties apply for the failure to return number plates.

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