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Unlike instant messaging, chat connects people together in a single window for text-based conversations.

You can also send voice messages, connect your webcam and video chat and more from some chatrooms. In front of the computer screen, it may seem effortless to sign in and choose a topic from a directory of virtual rooms.

Step-by-Step: How Chatrooms Work A protocol is used to connect people for real time communications online, like when you meet with friends in a chatroom.

However, the quality of the chat and friendly members make it worthwhile. Ebay Chat Community Lot's of folks are doing it ... To access the endpoints is that required to send the Username and Password of a Openfire Admin account in your header request. Header: Authorization: Basic YWRta W46MTIz NDU= (username: admin / password: 12345) Example for Jersey Client The last date when the room’s configuration was modified. Persistent rooms are saved to the database to make their configurations persistent together with the affiliation of the users.If the room’s configuration was never modified then the initial value will be the same as the creation date. Otherwise the room will be destroyed if the last occupant leave the room. True if occupants can invite other users to the room.MUC Service is a plugin to manage the chat rooms over the REST/HTTP interface.It is possible to get a XML based overview over all or filtered chat rooms and also to Create / Update / Delete chat rooms and there user roles.

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