Can radiocarbon dating be used on stone stages in dating relationship

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Under I mean the period since a stone was carved into a historical artifact and I'm interested in periods that are accurate up to a historic age, like Antiquity or the Renaissance - I suppose one cannot ask for more, unless there are visual marks on the artifact, which provide clues? I really struggle to determine the boundaries between sciences.

PS I hesitated much whether my question is Chemistry- or Physics- related and decided to post it here, since it's purely practical. My logic was that in Physics one usually perform experiments to verify Physical laws, while in Chemistry the experiments usually have practical applications like the one I'm interested in...

I'd like to ask how can one determine /with relative precision/ the age of stones and stone monuments, like statues, columns, stone walls or stone tablets?

I know that one determines the age of organic substances by radiocarbon dating, however, this method is inapplicable for rocks, so what else can we try?

There are some clues to the age of stone objects, though. the walls of Siloam's Tunnel) has soot on its surface, such as from torches, then radiocarbon dating shows a age (because the soot could have been deposited some time after the tunnel or object was made).

Weathering of a surface can provide information, providing the object has been exposed to known atmospheric conditions; but a buried statue would erode differently from one on the surface.

Lithic analysis, therefore, is the study of those stones, usually stone tools, using scientific approaches.

by Jim Hatt Some people think that dating the Peralta stone maps should be a simple procedure of applying modern science to determine their age.

Dating the stones themselves would in fact be quite simple using the potassium-argon method described below.

But the results would only indicate how long ago mother earth formed the rocks that the stone maps were made from millions or billions of years ago.

The question is really when were the inscriptions carved into the stone maps?

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