Candice swanepoel and zac efron dating

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Candice swanepoel and zac efron dating

As promised, Tinder has rolled out their verified profiles today, offering “verified” status to “notable public figures,” celebrities, and athletes.

Now we normies can stop wondering if the “Zac Efron” we’re talking to is really Zac Efron.

Despite Doutzen Kroes being one of the most sought-after models in the world and Sunnery James one of the most successful dance DJs, the pair managed to keep much of their early romance out of the public eye until they announced their engagement.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the model said: 'Oh my God, the travel he does!

So far, only a select few have received the blue verified check mark — the blue ribbon of Tinder, if you will — and everyone else has been added to a waiting list.

At this time, Tinder will not release the names of any verified users and celebrities, says the rep.

They dated for almost 4 years before breaking up in December 2010.

Sources claim their affair had just "run its course," and there was no major drama or cheating scandal.

After passing High School in 2006, he deferred his enrollment in the University due to an acting project he received early that year.

Yes, we know not all of their relationships were confirmed, but for the most part, it must be pretty awkward to be linked to so many of the same people!

Rock stars and models have long been attracted to each other.

The franchise of High School Musical aired on Disney channel got him noticed by everyone around the world.

He was part of three consecutive series from 2006 to 2008.

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