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Following the expulsion of the Visigoths from France after Childebert I King of the Franks defeated his brother-in-law the Visigothic king Amalric at Narbonne in 531, the area around Bordeaux formed part of the territories allocated to King Childebert under the division agreed with his brother King Clotaire I, although the allocation of the other parts of Gascony (or indeed whether they fell under Frankish control at all) is unknown.

Gascony clearly continued to cause problems for the Merovingian kings, as nearly a century later Fredegar records that King Charibert II, installed at Toulouse by his brother King Dagobert I in 629 to control the land between the Loire and the Spanish border, There is little information in primary sources about the development of Gascony during the later 7th and early 8th centuries but it presumably maintained some form of local autonomy.

The impression of Aquitanian influence over Gascony is reinforced by the 769 reference in the Annals to Hunald [Duke of Aquitaine] wishing "to make the whole of Gascony and Aquitaine renew the war [with the Franks]", although the political separation between the two entities is emphasised by the reference to "Lupus duke of the Gascons" with whom Hunald had taken refuge.

Pressure from the Franks finally resulted in Lupus handing over Hunald to Charles I King of the Franks (later Emperor Charlemagne) in 769, when the Gascons presumably accepted Frankish suzerainty although this is not clearly stated in the Annals.

If it’s a day ending in “y” and there’s a tennis tournament going on somewhere in the world, Fabio Fognini is probably in the middle of a controversy. He held set point at 7-6 in the second-set tiebreak on Lucas Pouille, a 20-year-old ranked No. Pouille responded with an ace that clearly bounced inside both lines.

And, true to form, Fognini was at it again on Wednesday, barking at chair umpire Carlos Bernardes after a season-ending loss to a young Frenchman, causing Bernardes to briefly refuse to shake the hand of the combustable Italian. Fognini sarcastically gave a thumbs up afterward, presumably because he thought the ball was in, but who really knows with him.

He asked for my snail address to send me a card but what I got was a dozen long stem Roses, a teddy bear and a box of Candy. Every Day I did an ip search and boy this guy traveled! I was getting bored with him so I told him I was very poor and I had nothing to offer him. His story sounds too much like a lot of the ones I read here so I need to know. And of course he has said all the right, sweet things. Well ladies and gentlemen it took me some time to read every one of these stories and I think we're all dealing with the same person but they move a few words around and change the story a little bit but it's all the same bull crap.The two eventually shook hands, but not before Bernardes said a few words in response.Fognini and Bernardes continued sniping after Bernardes descended from the chair, leading to the odd sight of an umpire and player walking off the court together in conversation.Fognini was fined ,000 last month for giving fans in China the middle finger after a loss.That was one-seventh of the ,810 check he took home for his first-round loss.

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Fognini gave a typically curt handshake to Pouille, then renewed his complaint to Bernardes, making wild gesticulations as he went in for a handshake.

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