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It is also sometimes of consequence to ascertain where the consummation of the contract took place, in order to decide by what law it is to be governed. It has been established as a rule, that when a contract is made by persons absent from each other, it is considered as consummated in, and is governed by the law of, the country where the final assent is given.

A week ago, Consumating users set up an off-site message board to ease the transition and keep friendships alive, in the event of a closure.

In this case, usually, consummation, as well as cohabitation, are very important, they are needed - together with the presentation of the parties to society as spouses - in order to create the marriage itself.

See: act, action, cessation, close, commission, conclusion, consequence, denouement, destination, discharge, end, expiration, fait accompli, finality, fruition, maturity, outcome, performance, pinnacle, realization, result, satisfaction, termination, transaction CONSUMMATION.

Founders Ben Brown and Adam Mathes are no longer affiliated with Consumating, but they were the first to break the news two hours ago.

“Just got word of the plan to turn off Consumating,” Ben wrote on Twitter.

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Sheila slips on a silk tank top and matching shorts, and Nate opts for a white undershirt and boxer briefs before they hop back into bed.

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