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There is a small bandit camp outside with two tents with bedrolls, a cooking pot, tanning rack and two locked cages with pit wolves.

Dark Yojimbo is an optional boss in the International, PAL and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X.Dark Yojimbo can be fought only four times instead of five, as the third encounter can be skipped, and moved to the fourth area, and the final battle at the cave entrance will be the fourth battle.There's a difference in the cutscenes if the third area is skipped.To begin with, well, unfortunately I can't see why I'm not able to fight Dark Bahamut and Dark Yojimbo either However, on the other hands as soon as I'm willing to enter that beautiful Besaid Island, Dark Valefor appears and guarding the gate, same with Dark Ifrit at the Sanubia Desertand as well as with Dark Ixion on Thunder Plains, a Yevon monk/priest or soldier roaming around,when I trying to make a conversion with him, he runs forward, then I follow him and there Dark Ixion goes using thunda Ja But about Dark Bahamut, he should be located at Zanarkand, where the fight against Yunalesca took placefurthermore where you can find that big hole on the ground in Final Fantasy X-2 and where you can obtain the Sun Crest, I saw on You Tube that as soon as a player willing to try to enter that place, Dark Bahamut immaditely encounters and attacks us, now it doesn't happen with me at all.In addition the situation is the same with Dark Yojimbo, I saw that on You Tube also when a player trying to come out from the cave,from the very end of the cave, where that teleport located which could teleport you toward four direction,up one to the chamber of Yojimbo and the left and right one to treasure rooms and the down one to the very beginning of the cave.

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The key to coming out of this cave unscathed, as with most areas of Dark Souls, is to have patience.