Dating agencies in china

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Dating agencies in china

The girl then agrees to marry the man and go to meet him in his country (US, Australia, UK, etc.).She asks for money to apply for a Visa, then money for a trip to be interviewed.In one consultation room, there are pink roses and a brochure promising “the most beautiful young ladies, the highest talent, and all kinds of social elites.”“Our bespoke matchmaking services start at RMB1 million,” says Yan Hongyu, one of the love consultants.“But this year we have four clients paying over RMB4 million and one who is paying over RMB7 million.” For that money, the agency is scouring nine cities on behalf of the tycoon, whose identity they declined to reveal.China’s economic growth has brought about drastic societal changes in the last decennia.It has not just changed entire villages and family constructions; it has also reshaped the landscape of dating and marriage. In China, online dating is serious business for many.n a country of 1.3 billion, finding a suitable spouse is not always easy.

In the past few years, dating websites like have acquired millions of subscribers, the first claiming to have a membership of 85 million, the latter approximately 100 million registered users.Of course he has to pay for all their hotel bills and meals.“Currently, he has said he wants us to find him a stewardess, but not an economy class one.First-class stewardesses tend to be well turned-out, and they have considerate and devoted personalities with an eye for detail.They say money can’t buy you love, but one multi-millionaire in the city has hired an army of 500 matchmakers, psychologists and stylists to help him disprove the adage.Tucked away on the third and fourth floors of a building in Pudong, are the discreet offices of Diamond Bachelor, the largest of China’s new crop of elite introduction agencies.

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In the past girls began pinning up their hair at the age of 15 to indicate they were eligible for marriage. Girls mostly stayed at home and were rarely in the company of non-family members.

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