Dating antique wine bottles need a dating

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Dating antique wine bottles

This history is fascinating and the bottles being collected are often unique works of art.Historically, people have held on to and passed down bottles of all types, often due to their looks or useful purposes.Bottle collecting has long been a hobby and even a passion for serious collectors.Many of the most desired bottles have historical significance and all tell a tale of years gone by.

Later, about 1900, cup mold bases were used and they were smooth with no marks; sometimes on old bottles and flasks, too.The closer a bottle is to original condition the more value it will have.Items that can increase the value of a bottle are: There are other things to take into consideration when evaluating old bottles.Digging into the Earth has procured vintage bottle finds for experienced collectors.Different bottle styles will be discovered in different parts of the country based on where the bottle manufacturing took place and the types of bottles being used locally and on a regional basis throughout history.

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