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In general, one should go to the least hazardous site on the map (a noncolored area or the coolest color) by the shortest route after making sure that the route is not compromised by other earthquake hazards such as liquefaction or earthquake-induced landslides. Consult with transportation authorities about the seismic stability of bridges used for evacuation.

Note that large waves continue to arrive for several hours after the initial wave.

Includes report, GIS set, time histories, and animations.

Tsunami hazard map of the Yaquina Bay area, Lincoln County, Oregon, IMS-2, 1997, by George R.

The state DOTs mostly coordinate significant and long-term projects.

Tribal Legal Code Resource: Tribal Laws Implementing TLOA Enhanced Sentencing and VAWA Enhanced Jurisdiction Guide for Drafting or Revising Tribal Laws to Implement the Enhanced Sentencing Provisions of the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) and the Special Jurisdiction Provisions of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization of 2013 (VAWA 2013) provides guidance for tribes who are interesting in implementing the enhanced sentencing provisions in TLOA and/or the special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians provisions in VAWA 2013.

This resource provides an overview of the enhanced powers recognized by each statute and explores ways that tribes can comply with the requirements of the federal statutes.

How Does a Criminal Action Differ from a Civil Action: Criminal actions generally differ from civil actions in at least two important ways.

First, the government itself generally brings criminal actions to protect the public interest or the community as a whole whereas civil actions are generally brought by one private party against another private party.

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