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"I had mostly freshmen, pretty good ones, but occasionally they really pushed my buttons. "Nothing fazes me, so it is relatively easy to manage a class.

One day, a student was talking incessantly and trying to derail my lesson at every opportunity. "The next day, they spontaneously wrote me apologies—which I proceeded to shred in front of them (without reading). With experience, you nip off-task behavior before it escalates." Here's more from accomplished educators on what NOT TO DO: You are dead in the water if you do, and you are the one who will lose face.

Rather than admonishing a student when there's an audience, I will approach that student and, in close proximity, quietly ask, "What are you doing? I had several who, within three months of coming to this country, were reading stories in English and could summarize the main ideas to me in Spanish.

" [Get a response.] "What are you supposed to be doing? " This usually provides the attention the student is seeking, and it models appropriate interactions students can use with each other. Meanwhile, in science and social studies, they were coloring maps or copying lists of words to memorize.

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These can be traumatizing experiences they will remember. As an ESL teacher, I often see teachers underestimate what the kids can do.

O Speed Dating surgiu no ano de 1999 na Califórnia, com a finalidade de pôr em contacto os membros da comunidade Judaica.

É um conceito original e surpreendente que já triunfou nas principais cidades mundiais e que se converteu num verdadeiro fenómeno social.

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