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The most comprehensive and detailed recent discussion of projectile point types represented in prehistoric California is by Noel D. A substantial portion of what follows has been extracted from his book. A type of large, thin points with straight or expanding stems. Alamo stemmed points are found in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento delta areas and dated between ca.

They also peaked in usage before the peak of the Elko Corner Notch points.

Named after the Alamo Site (CCO-311), the type was described by Noel D.

A type of large, side-notched points, found primarily in the southern portion of the North Coast Ranges and dated between ca. The type is named for a location in Mendocino County. A type of small (arrow-size), stemmed points, found in Surprise Valley in northwestern California and dated between ca.

This point is found through-out the Great Basin, into the Snake River Plain and into southeastern Oregon into the Klamath Valley.

These points may be found into the northern Colorado Plateau.

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The Side Notch form may represent changes due to re-sharpening of the blade, or the difference may be due to placement of the notches higher on the blade to maximize basal width (Justice, 2002).

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