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Dating russian women syria

But the Israeli security establishment is divided about whether it is better to leave al-Assad in power or to welcome the Sunni fundamentalists into Damascus in order to weaken the Shiite Hizbullah in Lebanon. cannot defeat ISIL without de facto strengthening the al-Assad regime.

Syria’s alliance with Iran makes it inconvenient for both of the major U. After all, an al-Qaeda state next door would be much worse than a little-isolated militia like Hizbullah. has no stake in Syria except to deprive Daesh/ ISIL of a base there from which to attack Europe. All this is why Russia will remain in Syria and will have most of it as its sphere of influence. has no obvious motivation to be in Syria except fighting Daesh. It is damaging its relationship with a big important country, Turkey (pop. would like a war just to make some money, and maybe the Neoconservatives would like a war to contain Iran.

One of Bashar al-Assad’s staunchest allies, Russia began air strikes on the government’s behalf at the end of September.

Territorial gains have been limited but experts say Moscow has achieved its primary aim of shoring up the regime’s north-west heartland in the face of rebel advances.

He arrived in time to watch a third round of bombing decimate his family.

The White Helmets rushed Fatimah and 9-year-old Mammoud to the hospital, but Mammoud's twin brother, Abdo, and their 3-year-old sister, Eilaf, were found dead beneath the rubble.

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