Email etiquette response time dating

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Email etiquette response time dating

With technology integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives, communication has become easier than ever before. You’re not trying to insult anyone, but answering every message as soon as it comes in seems pretty much impossible. Here at HTC, we’ve debated how long is too long in different situations.

Ceaseless access to our computers and smart phones make it possible to access our email, voicemail, and text messages from anywhere, every second of the day. As communication can occur so immediately, response-time expectations have shortened accordingly – and some of us risk getting cut should our responses take too long. In order to get to the bottom of it, we decided to survey fellow colleagues, professionals and friends.

While the most popular response was 1 hour (31%), 12.5% of respondents expect their colleagues to answer an email in 5 minutes.

Well, unfortunately, you are apparently more courteous that most. I think I am quite attractive, intelligent, and accomplished.I try at least to send a short polite “No, thank you.” when someone contacts me and I’m not interested.That is why it is so important to have a informative away message in place if you are not available at all.Senders will then understand if they don’t receive a prompt reply from you.

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So, you do the best you can to reply to everyone as soon as you can.