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The Problem: An Object Data Source is sending over a (basically) empty data object when calling the update method by means of a Form View.

The only fields with values are fields listed in the Form View's Data Key Names property.

Using even this code: This doesn't make sense, please explain more about why you are trying to disable the Text Box, have you just left the Item Template off in your question? After clicking update or cancel the Text Box will no longer be rendered, and the Item Template is rendered instead.

So there should be no need to set the Text Box to be disabled. You need to use the I'm using a bit more code in my project than I posted.

Note: Leaving this question up here because it took me forever to figure this out and there is very little on the interwebs about it.

Telerik support finally had to own up to the fact that databinding doesn't work within Rad Panel Bar.

Its definitely calling Item Updating, but thats it.

Thanks I am still having issues with this because now I am forced to use Eval() and not Bind(), as the columns are INT and not BIT. Therefore I am back to square one: I have to use Eval() with a Convert.

Here is the update method I'm using: The control is retrieving data just fine; I just can't update it. This fellow seems to be having a similar problem: Can’t get Form View values from Object Data Source on update Telerik's Rad Panel Bar does not support databinding in markup.

That is what is causing the empy Old Values and New Values collections.

Note: I´m not using a datasource component in my application (Sql Data Source, Object Data Source, Entity Data Source, etc.).

NET 4.0 (Web Forms) A snippet of code that I believe to be relevant below: The problem is that if I want to handle the old values, I can´t: this, evaluates to 0: int old Values Count = e. Count; and this, evaluates to null, even if I alter the value to a new one: string company Name Old = e.

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The Form View is always in Edit mode, because I'm using it with a Gridview to edit the "selected" Gridview item.