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One of Good Luck Chuck While playing seven minutes in heaven at a party in 1985, 10-year-old Charles "Chuck" Logan (Connor Price) refuses to kiss a goth girl named Anisha (Sasha Pieterse) who attempts to have sex with him.

In retaliation, Anisha places a curse on Chuck, so that every single woman he sleeps with will break up with him and marry the next man who asks her out.

comes from an episode of Grantland staffers Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald’s “Hollywood Prospectus” podcast.

They suggest it’s not that the show boasts too many main characters, like some critics say, but rather “there are too many tertiary characters …

every episode has these scenes where people are in rooms with three or four new, basically interchangeable people…” We don’t have the energy to care about these non-Core Four characters, as long as there remain so many loose ends regarding our main players, right?

The film opened in theaters on September 21, 2007, and was heavily panned by critics.

(Some folks online point out the selfishness of Ani criticizing Athena’s job until Ani needed its benefits for her own.

Fair point, that.) In the first episode of the season, when Ani runs a bust on a house she hears is a prostitution hub (it turns out to be a legit, licensed business) she finds Athena among the women there who are webcam sex workers — Athena is a “cam girl.” “It’s not porn. I’m a performer,” she tells Ani, pointedly explaining that her job is essentially to masturbate (while wearing wacky wigs).

In the present, Chuck (Dane Cook) is a successful dentist in his thirties, and runs a dental practice in the same building as his best friend Stu's (Dan Fogler) plastic surgery business.

Chuck finds himself unable to tell his girlfriend, Carol (Chelan Simmons), that he loves her, and she breaks up with him while having sex on the beach.

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