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There was also some regular conventions in use such as:- Many words were written as they sounded and were therefore heavily influenced by local dialect and the individuals level of education and therefore varied widely.It needs to be remembered that most people could not read and many of these documents were in any case completed by clergy who moved regularly around the country and may not be familiar with the dialect.

"We will continue to work together with the Local Authority to keep people informed and reassured but would also encourage members of the public to monitor the weather forecasts at so they are able to anticipate any issues before they occur whilst also considering those people around them.

One commenter noted that she made a similar move with Channing Tatum and Zac Efron back in 2015.

Rowlands Gill The town of Rowlands Gill lies on the north side of the wooded valley of the River Derwent, about four miles upstream from Derwenthaugh, where the Derwent flows into the Tyne.

In 1650 Cromwell used it for his artillery train to avoid the Newcastle bridge.

In 1691 Ambrose Crowley chose to partly dam the river near Huntlayshaugh.

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One such hamlet, which was possibly raided by Vikings and burned in William the Conqueror's harrying of the north, stood at the point where the road from Durham crossed the Derwent, before going north through Winlaton and Blaydon Burn to reach the Tyne fords at Stella.

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