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Granny friend chat

Grey Cashmere Poncho – John Lewis £120 Hard to include clothes in a ‘guide’ as everyone has such different tastes but I thought this grey polo neck would float a lot of boats.

Amazon Echo Dot £49.50 My mother has been raving about this since she had it installed. Guinea Fowl Cushion in Dove Grey – Bella Wilmot £40 An old friend has started making these lovely cushions which would make a great addition in a drawing room. Breakfast Tray – Flossie & Bumble £45 Nothing says mine quite like a personalised item.

) There are also a couple of small things that you could post to easily further afield.

BTW if you are enjoying TLM, please sign up here to receive emails straight into your inbox. Hand Block Printed Table Cloth – Torna Lucia £65 Can’t think of a prettier back drop than this Torna Lucia pink table cloth to display your culinary work.

The Wyld Cookery School – Wandsworth A lovely gift for a Granny who has a few spare hours (unless that will take her away from a bit of extra childcare! Portable Phone Charger £15 Ease her in gently to the technology of the modern era with this simple portable phone charger. Personalised Dachshund Phone Case – Willow of London £39 If you have a zany Granny to buy for, this personalised phone case will give her something fun to chat to her friends about!

Gold Dog Bone Necklace – Bella Joo £27 What Happens At Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s – Etsy £12.99 This would be a fun little present to send along with your children (if you are lucky enough to ever have Grandparents babysit!

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Whether you are buying for your own mother, mother in law or for Granny on behalf of the kids – my hope is you will find something suitable (and maybe for yourself too!

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