Is elease dating pleasure p

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Is elease dating pleasure p

Elease comes to the house and tries to destroy Gia, Amy, and Erica's stuff leading to Gia pushing her in the pool. Notes: Drama causes weariness on some of the "bad" girls.

alum Camilla Poindexter is causing some trouble today after it was reavealed that pro football player Donald Penn might be her baby daddy.

Donald's wife ranted about the revelation on Instagram, saying "My husband cheated on me with this hood rat ... Dominique is staying with Donald through this thing: "[M]y husband married a strong woman, and even at his weakest points today, I encouraged him to go play [on Sunday]! Understand that I have all the anger in the world going on, I am that woman that has the power to destroy everyone because I'm the wife and I'm not letting ANYONE take the money that I've earned because she thinks hush money is going to help her life! As far as my kids go, they know their grandparents!

New girl Elease arrives and is immediately not liked by any of the girls.

Bad Girls Club hits for a new city Las Vegas with a surprise of twin sisters entering the Bad Girls Mansion.

Tensions rises between Gia, Amy and Jenna causing multiple physical altercations into the house.

Amy has no problem seeking revenge on those she feels have wronged her from dumping trash on their beds to messing with their belongings.

Although she said “yes” to a boyfriend who asked her to marry him, she packed up her bags and moved to Chicago for some freedom.

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As a result to all you hoes out there, never think for one second a man will never come crawling back to his wife. They have been surrounded by the love from BOTH SIDES so we'll get through this!!

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  1. "It's no secret that there is no love lost between these two, Things got so bad between them this past season that when one of them walked onto the set, the other one walked off." Will 'Castle' Get Another Season?