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Is synyster gates still dating

In a special finish and designed to replicate the guitar Synyster plays onstage, the Schecter Synyster Custom S Electric Guitar boasts outrageously heavy tone.

One of the biggest names in modern metal, Avenged Sevenfold have graduated from the Warped Tour circuit to become arena headliners worldwide.

The Sustainiac Driver/Pickup produces beautiful Humbucker tones when the Sustain switch is off, and works as the Sustainiac Driver when switched On.

The Sustainiac Driver creates an infinite feedback sustain of string vibrations by electromagnetic feedback.

in full with immediate effect, they showed that the downtime hadn't dampened their ambitions to do something that little bit different.

A couple of months on, and The Stage World Tour has begun.'We've got a lot of shit going on,' laughs guitarist Synyster Gates, on the tour's elaborate set-up, which whisks thousands through the deepest corners of space, through their music videos and brings the astronaut from the album cover to (larger than) life. We wanted to do something really, really different, something next level and use new technology and things.

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  1. " Luckily we have a lot of resources available to us on set. And while I'm shooting I find it very hard to watch other scripted dramas. We kind of instantly were bonding over sports that we liked. It's amazing how many people still ask me about Tripp Vanderbilt, which will probably go down as the all-time greatest character name that I will ever play in my life. My castmates would tell you that I never stop singing. I went to a high school that was very driven by hip-hop culture, and I listened to a ton of rap music growing up.