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Basically a view looking at the Book of Revelations' end times and tries to identify the beast etc in the real world of the modern age. ");" data-id="watchlist-bottom" href="/Browse/Add To Watchlist.aspx? For those interested in biblical end times, armageddon and real world religious conspiracies, this is something you should have on your bookshelf.

Jürgen Marcussen (1781–1860) founded the organ-building company in 1806. The book takes you behind the scenes and explores the shocking "Who", "How", and "When" of future events according to the prophecies of the Bible, with Christ at the center.Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your account.Sinister forces (read: the Vatican) are conspiring to enact a national Sunday law in the United States, which would be the trigger that unleashes the fulfilment of the prophecies found in the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation.In addition, this law would outlaw worshipping on Saturday, thus beginning a period of persecution of those who worship on Saturday, or Sabbath.

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National Sunday law is a conspiracy theory which alleges that the United States government is on the verge of enacting a national blue law that would make Sunday a day of rest and worship.

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