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I don’t know why, but, with “Sapokanikan,” so much of that song has to do with permanence and impermanence and the roles that documentation plays in our concept of cultural permanence or cultural impermanence, and maybe because of that I felt the imposition of a lot of weight on each specific word I chose. I think the rhyme scheme in “Sapokanikan" is complicated!

You do all that sonic weaving, and then the last three end rhymes stitch back to the first three internal rhymes!

The album’s apparent depths invite an equally deep analysis, one I haven’t seen much outside of fan forums and hot-boxed bedrooms.

Many reviews say that her work sounds ornate, but stop short of explaining how or why she writes her music and lyrics that way.

While I play softball all summer, he plays hardball—in Queens!

Hacky Sack Guy (we’ll call him Ted) is Very Good at what he does, which is kicking around a bag filled with sand while getting stoned.

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This is all that Fleet Foxes – Seattle's greatest musical export since you-know-who – will see of the city, but they're probably too exhausted to care, having already completed a dozen or so dates on their sold-out UK tour.

Backstage in a dressing-room, marvelling at the hundreds of penis drawings on the walls, lead singer and songwriter Robin Pecknold sighs long and hard.

Newsom has the same problem as Ted: She’s Very Good at the harp and singing like a teething infant, but people are more inclined to think you’re awesome if no one else is good at it.

Or, in Newsom’s case, if no one else does it at all. Andrew Wagner: Two things you need to understand about Joanna Newsom. (Not really—she’s from the Central Valley—but she was living in San Francisco when she was “discovered.”) Two, she is a distant cousin of San Francisco’s beloved mayor, Gavin Newsom.

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Since it’d be too overwhelming for anyone to talk about all of the structural concerns of a work like , especially in the amount of time typically afforded an interview with a musician on tour, I limited my focus to an often overlooked feature of lyrical construction: the rhyme scheme.

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