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Anyway, I've been doing research on the internet and apparently this type of hymen is called a "septate hymen".

According to what I've read it's quite rare and for some reason I'm getting upset over it because I thought that all girls had hymens like this when the reality of the matter is that they don't.

Does anyone on here have a hymen that sounds similar to mine and has it caused you any trouble?

Windsor police say they are investigating sexually graphic videos that appear to have been filmed at two Windsor Public Library branches.

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"The videos are of a woman exposing herself and masturbating inside what appears to be Windsor Public Library locations," Windsor police said in a statement.

Chris Woodrow of the Windsor Public Library confirmed to that there have been cases of a woman exposing herself at the library.

Woodrow says staff members noticed some "suspicious behaviour" from a female customer in January.

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I was just wondering if any of you know much about having a septate hymen?