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My problem was being caused by the fact when I created my entity to attach, the default value of the column was set to zero, so when it tried to assign the value to zero ... So what I have had to do is the following: The correct answer is as many pointed out to use the special overload of Attach which accepts a boolean parameter to consider it as modified, (make the mistake of using another overload and it simply won't work): I had this problem and all the suggestions I'd seen didn't apply or work. When updating the property I was actually calling a custom Set method (because there were other things that needed to be changed in response to the main property in question).After hours of head scratching I noticed that my Set method was updating the private member not the public property, i.e.Plus in your else block you were not really doing nothing except assigning a to b then b to a..know what I mean You are trying to save changes to just created Data Context of the object obtained from another context (that doesn't exist at the moment).

When I run the command, nothing throws an error but the record never gets updated.Its not even throwing any exception also,please some one point me what am missing here. if i pass the value as SESID=4747747 then it update that record. Here what i missed my input value SESID == "4747747" //this have whitespace that's why it didn't updated that particular record.I am having difficulties UPDATING the databes via LINQ to SQL, inserting a new record works fine.I have looked through as many of the same type of issues here on SO , such as this one Linq-to-Sql Submit Changes not updating fields … You need to get that record from the database firstly, then update that record and then save it.Right now you are not getting it out of the database when you create your Database Data Context.

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this._Walking = value; All I had to do was change this to this.

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