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Out of the remaining four girls: one I chose not to see again, one has been a pain in the ass, and the other two were both notches in the last five days as of writing this – so I haven’t seen them again.

One is on the calendar for next week and the other has been blowing up my phone, so a 75% second bang ratio isn’t too shabby, either.

After a month and some change of Los Angeles dating, I’m here to say it – .

Is it worse than a place like New York City, or the supposed shit show that takes place in Southeast Asia? But to throw blanket statements around such as, “It’s impossible to get laid in Los Angeles,” is utter bullshit.

Great first date spots in LA are bars and coffeeshop, such as: When you discover you have true chemistry with someone you’ve found on your favorite LA dating website (i.e. If you travel a lot, like say you are an air hostess, soldier, or marine, you can also use chat rooms if you won’t have the opportunity to call someone when abroad.

And chatting feels more like a real life conversation than messaging someone.

As Paul Rust explained in an interview with Mother Jones, There's no shortage of amazing bars in LA — that much is sure.

If you haven't binged on Netflix's new series, “Love,” you're missing out.

Starring comedy writer Paul Rust and the uber talented Gillian Jacobs, it encapsulates all the frustrations, horrors and joys that come with dating in LA.

Step aside, Patti Stanger and Neil Clark Warren (er, e Harmony dude).

There's a new dating service in town — and this one's got two brilliant women behind it.

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Here's how it works: With Tufvesson in Los Angeles and Lewis overseeing the Big Apple, the bicoastal company only focuses on these two cities.

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