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I thought it was a little lacking in the endings and a little too easy to arrive at those endings but overall I`d give it a 8 out of 10. it was fun, innovative and i like how the sims 2 engine was implented in this too. You copy and pasted the first comment from two years ago just to get your ex points. The drinks are strong and it won`t take long for both of you to start feeling the effects. Pull Larissa aside Pull Dina aside Suggest that they have more to drink - right They fill their cups and get their drink on. I`ve been asking the creator of this game to add a threesome already. " "Let`s play a stripping game." - right "So when did you two start hooking up? " "One where you both strip for me and I watch." "You girls are very naughty." "What kind do you want to play?

The only thing i didnt like was the length and challenge of this game. But all in all it was a very good game, cheers :) Graphics are a bit old school. You say: "I love your outfit." - right "What do you think about our boss? " "Yes." - right "No." Dina comes over and grabs a drink. Try to get them to do more sexual things to each other. " - right "Maybe we should do something else." "Let`s play a drinking game" - right "Let`s go out" "No, come on girls it will be fun. How about we play for our clothes." - right "Let`s just all hook up. I have a new one that is bigger and better and will be released soon.

great game, graphics fron the game The Sims 2 with some mods fron jockers deck from BAS and Chris Hatch, the body i think they are some mods from warlokk the rio gal...it You got them both!

A date with Larissa turned into a wild night of sex and debauchery with both her and roommate Dina, and you scored with both at the same time. Alcohol and dice led to a kinky stripping game where they both had to get naked in front of you.

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This game has been around for ages and I still like it although there is no real nudity aside for a couple dress up games on the side or any real sex it is a lot of fun to play I keep getting my butt kicked when I play with no cheats activated and I love it LOL ALL CHEATS FROM THIS GAME AND HIDDEN LOCATIONS: Your own room, painting above cupboard Your own room, TV Kitchen, microwave oven Kitchen, trash bin Shinobu`s Room, paper under plant Shinobu`s Room, paper under plant (click twice!