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Newdatingtrends com

As a result, it’s become normal to “see” six people at once.

The classic Dear John letter or “we have to talk” conversations also seem to be falling out of fashion.

Census data cited in a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center show that the number of married households fell to 50.5 percent in 2012 from a high of about 72 percent in 1960.

In addition, Americans are also having fewer children than their grandparents, with the national average in 2015 being 1.87 compared to 2.12 in 2007.

Data shows that, in general, marriage rates have steadily fallen over the past 50 years.Moving on is so much easier if both people are aware it’s final.So now zombieing also leaves us victim to wondering if that person will resurface, and if so, how will we be able to handle that after doing all the hard work getting over them?!The real question however, is how these new dating trends are affecting young people’s chances of getting married and starting a family of their own.Results of a new study carried out by e Harmony Australia have found that an increasing number of individuals are “seeing” multiple potential romantic partners, simultaneously, reported.

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