Oregon dating scene

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Oregon dating scene

Take, for instance, the enormous shortage of college educated men in Portland, Jacob's hometown.

Is finding love in Portland a breeze, or is this city a black hole of dating?

For Heather Strom, finding love couldn't have been easier.

"I came to Portland without a job, without knowing anybody, without having a place to live," says Strom, who moved to the city in January 2008.

Allie Fuller, however, has had a different experience of romance in the Rose City.If you had to come up with a single theory to explain his desultory love life, what would it be? His article in this month's Atlantic, "A Million First Dates," argues that online matchmaking services like OKCupid and e Harmony are so powerful that they are bound to infect us all with a collective case of romantic ADHD -- or, as he puts it, that "the rise of online dating will mean an overall decrease in commitment." The impulse to search for "an ever-more-compatible mate with the click of a mouse" will prove so intoxicating over the long term, he writes, that it could undermine the very notions of marriage and monogamy.Of course, online dating has been around for a while now.Why can't some people rate dating or availablity of partners highly, if that's what's important to them? ), and the whole process usually comes with certain expectations (dude, don't seem so eager for that third date), but in Portland you've got to throw out the old dating rules.

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Could it be that a certain minority of 'average' men and women are having a hard time recognizing their own... I say 'minority' because on the whole I see quite a bit of pairing up going on in PDX and environs. I certainly wouldn't consider moving to Seattle simply for dating climate reasons!