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Piss chat

Most women think that playing hard to get will make a man want them even more. A helpless woman- Men want women who can get things done. The “I can do it all by myself” kind of woman; this will only make your man feel like you don’t need him in your life. Women tend to lie a lot especially about things they want.

Marzipan chocolate bar tiramisu tootsie roll jelly-o macaroon dessert toffee tart.These are the little things that lead to relationship breakups. The following is a list of things that piss men off. When a woman is always on her phone and especially on Instagram or snap chat, I mean, face the real world. Men are also turned off with women who tend to be clingy. I want to clear up some misconceptions about the men’s room, and give you the OOGEEWOOGEE Guide to Men’s Room Etiquette for the workplace, concerts, sporting events and home. I would rather you puke on the floor than the urinal.

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When I talk of a parasite, I mean the literal meaning. A man will always appreciate it if a lady tries to chip in on some of the expenses.

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