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Proggesive dating

I like not having to sift through piles of profiles!

So, last week we flew Josh and Jane Johnson from Maui to Bend, Oregon!

Jer and I have never done one before, but for the Johnson’s, it’s a regular date-night occurrence, or weekend hang out with friends.

A progressive dinner is an eye-opening way to explore a new town, or just have a memorable night in your own town! A progressive dinner allows you to go to all your favorite places AND have a 5-course meal in one night!

After sex, couples logically spend the night together, sleeping in the same bed. Nor does it prolong the time before marriage -- extended educations, a harder fight for decent employment, and a longer struggle for financial security has done more to stunt that than any 'unique' dating trend.

Barring unusual factors, like an early morning or a dog to let out, the idea of getting up, dusting off, and saying "sayonara" after doing the horizontal mambo is illogical, if not somewhat preposterous. Dates, no matter how serious the relationship, ended with a long kiss at a doorstep, a promise to see each other again soon. For couples that are doing anything more than casually seeing one another, most lovers expect to share brunch -- or at least a cup of coffee -- before saying farewell. For 'kids' these days, it's just business as usual.

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"Stayover" relationships aren't about delaying marriage; they're a reflection of the natural progression of dating relationships in America.

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  1. "No one's actually going to get a sexually transmitted disease because they're sexting," said Eric Rice, a social network researcher from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, who led the new study.