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The two teens are believed to be behind at least four known car thefts since early April.The teens were arrested on Friday after being stopped by North Carolina Department of Transportation License and Theft Bureau agents. -- Law enforcement is warning the public that robbers are using internet dating websites and meet-up apps to target their victims.

"When he actually won, all the thinking and plans went out the window. They went ahead with a slight redesign, making the website appear more "Trumpian" and presidential, he says.) launched a Donald Trump-inspired dating website in May, he never really expected it to live on after Nov. But now that the controversial Republican business mogul is packing his bags and in the thick of a transition to the White House, business is booming at Trump " Goss exclaims of his site, which has seen a spike in users following the election.He created the site as a safe space for Trump supporters to find love without fear of being discriminated against."After he won, we've consistently had people sign up every single day," explains Goss, a Republican, adding that in the days and weeks leading up the election, there had been a considerable dip in users, with some days completely void of new members.But the morning after the election, Goss says he awoke to six new paying customers, a number which may seem slight yet steady in terms of the growth of the overall site.

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"We got a little slow going from mid-October through November, and I was really worried.