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Updating a split level

Instead of a single long staircase, living areas could be separated from private areas by just a few simple steps.Another version of the split-level house is the sidesplit. In a sidesplit, the multiple levels are all visible from the front elevation.On our web site, we are getting so many hits and search query’s every month concerning split level renovations that we thought it would be a good time to revisit strategies to turn the split level monster into architecture. , where we show you two examples of split levels we transformed into updated lifetime homes. An Atlanta based Architectural firm specializing in custom home transformations and custom retirement homes in fun places.Remodeling Split-Level Exterior – A common complaint among split-level homeowners is that the front of the home is attractive but the sides of the home and the side of the garage are largely ignored.Unleashed by production builders in the 60’s and 70’s, it’s the most difficult type of house to transform to the way our customers want to live in their homes today…

Over the years and more recently, we have been more involved because the riddle of the split level seems to be so hard to solve.“It was the most hideous house in the neighborhood,” Liess says.But with Dave’s DIY assistance, and ,000 from savings and no-interest credit cards, Liess took a house that had been for sale for four years and, in six months, turned it into a jewel. “But it worked.” Two months later, in December 2009, a Better Homes and Garden editor saw the house’s transformation on Liess’s blog, purestylehome.Then it all started happening: A story about their home appeared in the December 2010 issue of the magazine.Soon after, Liess was selected to participate in the D. Design House, where she debuted her own line of fabrics.

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She currently has a 10-piece furniture collection in the works.

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