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To learn more about Visual Studio 2017, see the System Requirements, Platform Targeting and Compatibility, Distributable Code, and License Terms pages. You can report a problem via the Report a Problem option in the upper right hand corner of either the installer or the Visual Studio IDE itself. These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this version: List of recent projects does not reflect reality.You can track your feedback in the Developer Community portal. Publish fails with ' All build submissions in a build must use project instances originating from the same project collection'. VS Installer Bootstrapper eats 100% of one CPU core. This list provides the issues that received your highest votes and were fixed in this release.For examples, see Middleware callback function examples.method is useful for mapping “global” logic for specific path prefixes or arbitrary matches.

Since router and app implement the middleware interface, you can use them as you would any other middleware function. This is how to control how observables interact with DOM elements, and gives you a lot of flexibility to encapsulate sophisticated behaviors in an easy-to-reuse way.For example, you can create interactive components like grids, tabsets, and so on, in the form of custom bindings (see the grid example).messages in my Immediate window during the debugging annoyed me for a long time. There must be a way how to tell VS not to show them. I'm using exceptions very often and I handle all of them very carefully.We know that first chance exceptions don't necessarily need to be dangerous. There never appears second chance exception in my code. Exceptions in Java are slightly different, if you try and call code that will throw an exception you MUST handle it (in one of two ways). Is there an way to discover if a method throws and exception? NET compiler doesn't force you to catch exception or explicitly declare it in the method signature.

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You can now more easily choose your debugging experience when using Open Folder.

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