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The 50LM is a good unit, and there are several tricks to customizing it other members here can tell you about.

One of the first will be how to set your unit so the internal files can be viewed and backed up.

The computer doesn't see it and the data on the device was no longer accessable. When you say the Nuvi won't get past the first screen, do you mean the Garmin Logo, or Loading Maps? Are you sure you did a hard reset since this usually cures many issues.

By doing so you will lose your favorites, but since it's new you probably don't have many.

The basic procedure is this: 1) Fomat the SD card FAT32. 3) Copy file from your nuvi into the \Garmin folder of the SD. You should now be running with the new maps on the SD card.

4) Disconnect your nuvi and put the SD card in your computer's card reader. The SD card will be recognized as your nuvi 5) Proceed with the map update using Map Updater as normal. Look at Map Info to make sure the correct maps are enabled. (For those who remember, I have turned off all the IPS blocks in the router....) I did a screen capture of alandb's post and printed it out for the Manual I've Created...

I did save a link to the steps necessary to download a map to an SD card in a Nuvi 660, but it's a bit un-clear as to the steps.

This morning the moment I start charging the unit still said "loading maps .." Ok.. But lets try the following Connect the garmin to your computer, and then while its connected to the computer. Whats for certain though, is either we have to force an update, or we have to get the computer where it will see the garmin unit, so we can get inside its files and erase the corrupted map and update file. Its possible, that if you called Garmin they may agree to repair it or replace it for free..

Our GPS expert will help you with step by step guide in order to how to update the GPS Devices.

We are available 24/7 to provide you help with your GPS questions.

What has held me back is my suspicion that Garmin is trying to eliminate the manual Map Updater program, first with Lifetime Map Updater (which was a total failure) and now with Garmin Express. As I was downloading the maps I noticed that they were 2013.40 in size... So this 'fix' came at the best time it could have!!

I think I will wait a few weeks to see how well Garmin Express works with the new map update and also see if they do anything with Map Updater as a result. I was able to download and install to the SD card in about 25 minutes, which is about 1/3 of the time it normally takes to install through the 660 nuvi. It saw the SD card as the Nuvi, just like it did last week... In response to Alanb's comment above, Garmin Express worked great for me this PM as I downloaded and installed 2013.4 on my nuvi 260w.

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