Updating textmate bundles

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Updating textmate bundles

For instance if you are compiling a file in the less-files directory but the source files will be available on your web server in the root or current directory, you can specify this to remove the additional This option specifies that we should include all of the Less files in to the sourcemap.

This means that you only need your map file to get to your original source.

We have improved the source map options and path generation so the sourcemap should be generated at the correct path without specifying any options. If you want to install a bleeding-edge, unpublished version of lessc, follow the instructions for specifying a git URL as a dependency and be sure to specify an actual commit SHA (not a branch name) as the rule does not exist at that exact location, less will look for it at the location(s) passed to this option.

Periodically, as new functionality is being developed, lessc builds will be published to npm, tagged as beta. Since patch releases are non-breaking we will publish patch releases immediately and alpha/beta/candidate versions will be published as minor or major version upgrades (we endeavour since 1.4.0 to follow semantic versioning).

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While these bundles are certainly useful for anyone working with Groovy and Grails in Text Mate, they should be especially helpful for Groovy and Grails newbies. Just by looking through the available code snippets, a developer can quickly check out all sorts of APIs and idioms he might not have otherwise known about.Please refrain from submitting any commercial products or themes.Links must allow for code browsing (github/bitbucket/svn..etc).Eclipse has a myriad of useful plugins, and Li Clipse bundles some which are considered to be useful regardless of which language you're dealing with: Eclipse Color Theme, Start Explorer, Any Edit and Py Dev (note that Py Dev does not follow the rule of being useful for everyone as the other plugins, but Li Clipse itself reuses parts of the Py Dev codebase).Graeme Rocher has assembled Groovy and Grails bundles for the splendid (and increasingly popular) Text Mate editor for Mac OS X.

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