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Please note this add-on uses legacy technology, which gives it access to all browser functions and data without requesting your permission.Registration only takes a minute and is of course perfectly free.It supports json (default), html, xhtml, xml, gnu and text.validator You can override the default validator as long as it exposes the same REST interface.Many of the problems seem insolvable without major patches to Drupal core. We've all seen the client requirement: "Must follow HTML5/CSS3 standards," often followed by some requirement for validation.Many of the problems seem insolvable without major patches to Drupal core. The first step is to use the correct validation tool.The web is, to put it charitably, a rather forgiving place.You can feed web browsers almost any sort of HTML markup or Java Script code and they'll gamely try to make sense of what you've provided, and render it the best they can.

If there's a single character out of place, your program probably won't compile, much less run.If you see this logo on a site, what does it mean to you? We just went through the exercise of validating Stack Overflow's HTML. Anyway, we validated as the much saner HTML 4.01 strict, and even then I'm not sure it was worth the time we spent.How will it affect your experience on that website? I almost immediately ruled out the idea of validating as XHTML, because I vehemently agree with James Bennett: The short and sweet reason is simply this: XHTML offers no compelling advantage -- to me -- over HTML, but even if it did it would also offer increased complexity and uncertainty that make it unappealing to me. So many of these validation rules feel arbitrary and meaningless.This makes the HTML Java Script environment a rather unique -- and often frustrating -- software development platform. There are provisions and mechanisms for validating your HTML markup through the official W3C Validator.Playing with the validator underscores how deep that forgiveness by default policy has permeated the greater web.

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Every once in a while I get an email about W3C validation.