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Wardb not updating

LET’S GET REAL With yet ANOTHER transition in my journey, I thought this would be a great time to shake up how I’m sharing my capsule with you… Once I’d finalized it, I just removed all of the pieces that weren’t included from my closet and stowed them away in the one empty dresser drawer I had and the shoes I stowed away in the bottom closed off section of the shoe organizer I use in my closet.

I remembered all this, and then reflected on all of this. I’ve experimented A LOT with this idea and different implementations of it over the last almost two years — and taking things 3 months at a time works best people! In building out this capsule I really only identified four pieces I wanted to add to my closet: I used the Stylebook app to visually curate my current capsule.

For now I’ve settled on sharing my wardrobe as a whole with stylized shots as seen above in this post as well as a gallery of easy to edit images (with links to the exact or similar pieces in my capsule) like the one you see below.

include monochromatic head-to-toe, zippered embellishments for the utilitarian look, as well as outerwear that in the past had been reserved for Fall/Winter collections, until now.

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