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"I wouldn't give that report or him any of my press. Turns out a quiet and thoughtful Ray Lewis isn't very interesting. p.m.

He told a charming story bout how John used to lie about when he cut the grass so he wouldn't have to do it again. p.m. Lewis is asked about the Sports Illustrated report that he used a banned deer-antler spray."Two years ago that was the same report," he said. -- Ray Lewis is quiet and thoughtful early in his interview.

As a senior he scored nearly 20 touchdowns, but that wasn’t enough to boost his status in a draft where a running back’s name wasn’t called until the 37th pick (Giovani Bernard).

Two other backs were drafted before the Packers stole Lacy at the end of the second round.

-- Reserve defensive lineman playing rock, scissors, paper with a clown. He threw down his microphone when Rich Eisen mentioned it on NFLN. On a scale of 1 to watching paint dry, Joe Flacco is an eight. -- If humoring Deion Sanders was a competition, John Harbaugh has the early leg up on Jim.

Ozzie Newsome is both supremely humble and sweaty. p.m. -- Warren Sapp can't believe anyone would ask Ray Lewis about his murder charges from 2000. -- Deion asks Ray Rice, "how do you feel about that game." Rice responds, "the game is," and then hesitates and for a moment you think he's going to say "the game is the game," and bring things full circle for Baltimore. After watching Joe Flacco speak for two minutes, I humbly take back that statement.

At 5-foot-8 and 208 pounds, he’s at least 30 pounds lighter than most at his position.

Marley, 22, played at Tulane University and was named first-team all-conference as a senior and junior yet gained no attention from NFL scouts. His name was never called at the NFL draft in Philadelphia last month.

But that isn’t the whole reason Freeze is no longer the Rebels’ head coach.Indeed, there has been enough hinting and grumbling and whispering from those in the know around this story that it seems like there will be another shoe to drop — in fact, it may already be in the process of dropping — about the real reason Bjork was willing to go in front of a camera and tout Freeze’s morals on Monday night and fire him by Thursday night. The Washington Redskins hope every little thing gonna be alright — at inside linebacker.event and read our live blog of the San Francisco 49ers session from earlier Tuesday. " It has to be "Ray Lewis." Meanwhile, a horde of hundreds of journalists awaits while Deion gets his one-on-one. p.m. -- Jay Glazer is on NFL Network talking about how Super Bowl media day has changed. Do you notice you can never call him just "Ray" or "Lewis? -- Melissa Stark and Rich Eisen have all the chemistry of Matt Lauer and whoever it was he got fired from Today. p.m.

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“I really don’t believe that the firing of Hugh Freeze had very much to do with one misdialed phone call to an escort service,” Finebaum said on WJOX’s Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork implied as much himself at the time of Freeze’s firing last month.

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