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Tessa called them a "vlogging couple" in her video. While Team 10 is known to do pretty much anything in their videos, we're hoping that these two are the real deal.Tessa even posted a video with the title, "HE WANTS KIDS...." and now we're officially freaking out.He used a ten-day suspension during his senior year to record his debut mixtape, "10 Days", which was uploaded in 2012 and was well received locally.The mixtape helped Chance make connections with producers such as Chuck Inglish, Kenny Jame$ and Blended Babies.Chance the Rapper was born Chancelor Bennett on April 16, 1993.

Not to mention, while performing the group’s song “Its Everyday Bro” for the first time on stage, Chance gave Tessa a smooch on the cheek. He also recently posted an Instagram photo of them together and wrote, “Maybe I should’ve told her we were just going to the movies.” (Tessa was dressed up.) She’s also been sending out some cryptic tweets like “There’s somethin special about you” and “Ever since I met you, no one else has been worth thinking about” So what’s the story?

Fingers crossed, Chessa doesn't implode like Jalissa did!

Between the Jake Paul and Logan Paul feud and all of the drama with Alissa Violet, fans didn't think things could get crazier – but they just did.

It also grabbed the attention of Forbes magazine, which featured it in the publication's Cheap Tunes column, and Childish Gambino who then asked Chance to join his 2012 tour as opening act.

Social media stars Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton could be more than just friends.

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Tessa, which she claims by accident, said 'Chessa' into the camera obviously being her and Chance's ship name, had heads turning. They were also dancing on stage together and he even gave her a kiss on the cheek. While there's no telling where this relationship is going to go, they obviously have a thing for each other.

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