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Stigmatization of the local community – in particular its belief in Given the available anthropological knowledge of a previous outbreak in Northern Uganda, it is surprising that so little serious effort was made this time round to take local sensibilities and culture into account.

The following links and video clips relate to speciesism, human-animal relations, vegetarianism, and the environment.

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These explanations were undermined by an insensitivity to local culture, a mismatch between information circulated and the local interpretative framework, and the inability of the emergency response team to take the time needed to listen and empathize with community needs.Analysis is based on first-hand ethnographic data from the center of a small Ebola outbreak in Luwero Country, Uganda, in 2012.Three of this paper’s authors were engaged in an 18 month period of fieldwork on community health resources when the outbreak occurred.In this paper we document how a major Ebola outbreak control effort in central Uganda in 2012 was experienced from the perspective of the community.We ask to what extent the community became a resource for early detection, and identify problems encountered with community health worker and social mobilization strategies.

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